BLOWN SPACE | 空间 充气 | Beijing Design Week 2012 | OBBLIGO DI SOSTA | 密度 0% DENSITY | Call for Ideas

The incresing urban growth and the high density of the contemporary city had brought to the loss of the central role of the human scale in the society interaction. The more the density increase, the less men interaction grows. Common spaces where to meet to play to talk to share, are constantly narrower, if not yet totally erased. In order to invert the trend we should start again from the lost human scale. The new collective consciousness should start from micro to reach the macro scale of the entire city. Each one and all together should regain the lost common spaces, together with the common activities and interactions.

In order to achive this target we don’t need to demolish or to rebuilt anything, we just need to blow up our needs, our necessities our desires, our activities, and keep on blowing until all the urban-social layer is activated again.

To blow is as easy and natural as to breath, for that reason BLOWN SPACE aims to start the natural reappropriation of our space, starting from a very simple action, to blow, to inflate.

BLOWN SPACE concept lies on the idea that our space could be inflated like a ballon, and this ballon could be shaped in many different objects and spaces as much as are needed by people living the comporary city.

BLOWN SPACE could be one table and four stools to play mahjong, could be a boat to sail the lakes, could be a soft carpet for kids to jump and play, could be a theater to listen to music or watch a play, could be a hall to dance, could be a bench where to talk with friends, could be just an empty room where people could finally share their ideas without restraint.

Just keep on blowing until all the city is filled of oxygen again.




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