OXYMORON | From Greek ὀξύ μ ωρον - sharp and dull. Is a figure of speech that combines contradictory terms. In contrast to the figure of speech of antithesis, the two terms are often incompatible, and one of them always has a key role against the other.  It is a combination chosen deliberately in order to create a significant and original contrast, often generating surprising stylistic effects. Like disgusting pleasure or illustrious unknown. Given the etymology of the word, even the same word oxymoron is an oxymoron.

Concept |OXYMORON is inspired by the the anithetical relation between opposite materials. OXYMORON Lamps are created by employing steel re-bar and blown glass. The Roughness and the Strength of a construction material is mixed and forced to an exchange reaction with the Smoothness and Fragility of the glass.

Inspiration | The steel re-bar structure is a rough cocoon preserving the preciuosness of the blown glass inside

The tension and the dialogue between the two opposite materials is created by a parametric software which is controlling point by poin the movement of the two shapes. The two entities, the blown glass and the steel re-bar coccon are talking each other but never blending and never touching each other.

Ceiling series | C01 - C02 - C03

Floor series| F04 - F05

Table series | T06 - T07








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PRODUCTION: OXYMORON is currently in Prototype Phase and MICROmacro is looking for potential producer in Europe.

CREDITS| Sara Bernardi | Grasshopper Script by Alejandro Gonzales